Success story



With a measured water loss exceeding 80,000 gallons per day and an annual revenue loss of approximately $100.000, the city of Longmont had a significant problem that needed to be addressed quickly. Faced with a non-surfacing leak on two pieces of critical infrastructure, the city enlisted the support of Dewberry Engineers to research and identify appropriate solutions to assess the parallel pipelines.


While initially slated for a competing technology, Dewberry and the city ultimately decided to utilize Hydromax USA and the Nautilus System based on its unmatched value, ease of deployment, and proven results.


Nautilus navigated both pipelines with ease. Results from the Nautilus audio recording indicated that the transmission pipelines were predominantly intact, apart from a significant leak where the 20-inch main intersected a major roadway.


This finding gave Dewberry the critical information they needed to provide the best guidance to the city. Excavation revealed that the leak was located at the top of the pipe at a joint, so the city and Dewberry removed the bell/spigot and welded over the joint, resulting in a relatively simple solution to an expensive problem. Nautilus was able to pinpoint the source of the $100k per year water loss within three feet of the marked leak location and saved the city the cost of slip lining both pipes.

Characteristics of the inspected section


Pipe Diameter

DN500, DN550


4 miles




Longmont, California

«A non-intrustive and cost effective method for leak detection on large diameter pipelines.»

Alexander Doksa, Civil Engineer, City of Longmont