CCTV in-line for the analysis and diagnosis on points of interest of the network in real time

Visualization, precision and identification of anomalies.

Jabega is an innovative solution developed to obtain comprehensive information on points of interest in transport networks. Jabega offers the possibility to visualize, in real-time, anomalies such as corrosion, the presence of sediments, damaged or semi-open valves, identification of unauthorized taps, deteriorated joint sleeves or the visualization and acoustic recording of leaks, among others. With this new method of analysis, we investigate beyond knowing that something happens, to see what happens in the network.

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Benefits of Jabega

Identification of anomalies

Live visualization

Tracking from the exterior

Easy maneuverability

Cartographic study of the section

For large diameter pipes

Uninterrupted supply

The use of adequate technologies can support resource optimization. Ask our team for further information to find out more about the Jabega System.