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Aganova Welcomes Alia López as Regional Manager Middle East

Aganova, a pioneering technology company in pipeline inspection to prevent water loss, is pleased to announce the appointment of Alia López as Regional Manager Middle East. Alia is a Civil Engineer with over two decades of experience in the water sector in the Middle East and Europe.

Alia López, who previously played a key role in the success of Suez International in Qatar, also led a project in the region involving the inspection of approximately 1000 km of pipeline, mostly using Aganova technology. Alia brings a valuable combination of technical and business development skills, with her leadership in efficiency projects and a deep understanding of the water cycle. Her detailed experience with Aganova technologies, including Nautilus, Jabega, and Nemo, positions her to lead the company’s vision in the region.

In Alia López’s words, “What attracted me most to Aganova’s project is its focus on technological innovation and continuous improvement. Aganova has a solid reputation for its commitment to technical excellence and sustainability, and I am excited to be part of a team that is leading the way towards more efficient water management solutions.”

Market Outlook for Leak Detection in the Middle East

As a market expert, Alia believes that the leak detection sector in the Middle East presents significant growth opportunities. With a growing focus on water conservation and resource savings, there is currently increasing demand for solutions to reduce unaccounted-for water. Additionally, infrastructure development in the region creates a conducive environment for the implementation of innovative solutions. In this context, Aganova is well-positioned to capitalize on these opportunities and become a leader in the leak detection market in the Middle East.

Alia López’s appointment, along with the recent opening of the Dubai office, strengthens Aganova’s presence in the region and reflects its continued commitment to growth and excellence in the leak detection market in the Middle East. The combination of Alia’s experience and Aganova’s advanced technology will enable the company to offer customized and effective solutions to address the specific challenges of water management in the region.

For more information about Aganova and its solutions, please visit the Aganova website.

Latest news

Aganova participated in Singapore International Water Week 2024 (SIWW)

Aganova participated in the Singapore International Water Week 2024 this week, a premier global platform for water industry leaders, innovators, and experts. This prestigious event provided an excellent opportunity for Aganova to showcase its cutting-edge leak detection technologies and introduce its new corporate identity, all while aiming to expand into the Asian market.