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Aganova Unveils Nautilus 2: Revolutionizing Pipeline Inspection with Advanced Sensor Integration and Tracking

Malaga, Spain | April 24, 2024.

Aganova, a pioneering technology company in pipeline inspection to prevent water loss, has launched Nautilus 2, a groundbreaking advancement in in-line pipeline inspection systems. Building upon the success of its predecessor, Nautilus 2 sets a new standard by incorporating enhanced features and cutting-edge sensors, delivering unparalleled performance and functionality.

Nautilus 2 integrates a suite of new electromagnetic, angular, and pressure sensors. These additional sensors enable the implementation of new services, empowering users with a greater understanding of pipeline conditions and performance. Particularly noteworthy is the pressure sensor, which provides accurate water loss calculations and facilitates detailed profiling of the pipeline’s elevation.

We are thrilled to introduce Nautilus 2, which not only enhances the capabilities of the original version but also introduces game-changing features that will redefine pipeline inspection,” said Agustín Ramírez, CEO of Aganova. “The incorporation of these new sensors lays the groundwork for future functionalities that will be introduced in the coming months, promising even greater value and capabilities.”

In addition to its advanced sensor suite, Nautilus 2 is positioned as an enabler of new services, where artificial intelligence leverages data collected by the new sensors. This capability will allow users to access more sophisticated and predictive analysis, offering an even deeper understanding of pipeline conditions and facilitating more informed decision-making for asset management. This integration of artificial intelligence promises to open up new possibilities in the pipeline inspection industry, driving efficiency and effectiveness in maintenance and infrastructure management operations.

Nautilus 2 also features an innovative tracking system that enables real-time monitoring of inspections through the Nemo software platform.

Key Features of Nautilus 2:

  • Integration of magnetometers, angular sensors, and pressure sensors
  • Precise water loss calculation and elevation profile drafting
  • Future-ready platform for upcoming sensor-based functionalities
  • Seamless progress monitoring through Aganova’s Nemo software


Daniel Mediano, Head of Product and Technology, presented Nautilus 2 last week at the IWA Water Loss 2024 event in San Sebastián, Spain. This new product addresses the emerging needs of water utilities and network operating companies, thus demonstrating Aganova’s commitment to its customers and once again showcasing that innovation and continuous improvement are part of the company’s DNA.


For more information about Nautilus 2 and Aganova’s suite of solutions,

please visit the Aganova website.

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Aganova participated in Singapore International Water Week 2024 (SIWW)

Aganova participated in the Singapore International Water Week 2024 this week, a premier global platform for water industry leaders, innovators, and experts. This prestigious event provided an excellent opportunity for Aganova to showcase its cutting-edge leak detection technologies and introduce its new corporate identity, all while aiming to expand into the Asian market.