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Aganova is awarded a contract to detect leaks in critical water pipelines in Cordoba, Spain

The Provincial Government of Córdoba, through Emproacsa, a regional Spanish utility, has awarded Aganova a contract to audit losses using an inspection of the pumping pipeline, which connects the reservoir of La Colada with the drinking water treatment plant of Sierra Boyera. This action is part of the urgent works plan activated by the Provincial Government to alleviate the drinking water supply issue faced by the northern region of Córdoba. It represents an effort to optimize resources during times of drought, where every drop matters.

In emergency drought situations such as the current one, the commitment to maximum efficiency in the operation of infrastructures becomes crucial. In this context, Diputacion de Cordoba has opted for 100% Andalusian technology.

After the award, Agustin Ramirez, CEO of Aganova, said, “This award is a recognition of Aganova’s commitment to innovation and sustainability in water management. We are proud to be pioneers in solutions that optimize and preserve this essential resource when it is most needed in our region“.

Diagnostic inspection of pipeline networks provides infrastructure managers with fast and accurate information on their state of repair and operational problems that are not visible from the outside, such as leaks or air pockets. The quick localization and precise marking of leaks allow their prompt repair and the saving, in many cases, of millions of liters per year.

Aganova’s technology has already accumulated more than 3,000 kilometers of pipelines inspected in different world geographies, including the Middle East, where it has been fundamental in the optimization and effective management of water in conditions of scarcity of water resources.

Latest news

Aganova participated in Singapore International Water Week 2024 (SIWW)

Aganova participated in the Singapore International Water Week 2024 this week, a premier global platform for water industry leaders, innovators, and experts. This prestigious event provided an excellent opportunity for Aganova to showcase its cutting-edge leak detection technologies and introduce its new corporate identity, all while aiming to expand into the Asian market.