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Saving Water

with Technology

At Aganova, we leverage cutting-edge technology to transform the management of large water pipes in operation. Utilizing smart devices paired with advanced AI analysis, we provide rapid, precise assessments of pipe integrity and water leakage. Since 2016, our innovative solutions have saved millions of cubic meters of water globally, reinforcing our commitment to environmental sustainability and operational excellence.

Our Expertise

Innovative Data Collection:

Leveraging AI to gather and interpret acoustic and electromagnetic data from pipes, providing precise and cost-effective pipe condition insights.

Smart Decision Support:

Enhancing decision-making and ensuring precision in site operations.



Water loss in transportation networks can be significantly minimized by repairing leaks detected by Aganova.


Making sure pipes remain robust, reducing the risk of bursts.

Optimal Pipe

Precise information enablescost-effective work and ensures minimal disruption to citizens.


Why Aganova
Stands Out:

1. Proven Technology: Certified and trusted, with over 3,000 km of pipes inspected worldwide for more than 100 utilities.

2. Data-Driven Precision: Customizable reports and platforms tailored to meet project goals and client needs.

3. Affordable and Flexible: Fair pricing and flexible contracts ensure our solutions are accessible to protect vital water systems.

4. Safety First: Designed to manage inspection risks, prioritizing health and safety, with remote tracking and less manpower. .

5. Minimal Disruption: Our technology operates under working conditions, avoiding sediment disturbance and allowing precise repairs with minimal impact on customers and budgets. Choose Aganova for reliable, innovative, and efficient pipe inspection solutions that prioritize sustainability and customer satisfaction.


Our Solutions

At Aganova, we are committed to advancing the efficiency and sustainability of water management systems through our innovative solutions tailored for two critical sectors: Non-Revenue Water (NRW) and Pipe Condition Assessment. Each sector requires specialized approaches and technologies to address unique challenges and optimize performance. Our expertise in these areas ensures that utilities can effectively manage their water resources, reduce losses, and maintain the integrity of their infrastructure.

Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Solutions

Our NRW solutions focus on identifying and mitigating water losses in distribution networks. By employing state-of-the-art acoustic and electromagnetic technologies, we provide precise leak detection services that enable timely repairs and significant reductions in water loss. This approach not only conserves valuable water resources but also results in substantial cost savings for utilities.

Pipe Condition Assessment

For pipe condition assessment, Aganova leverages cutting-edge technology to deliver comprehensive evaluations of pipe integrity. Our assessments help utilities detect issues such as cracks and corrosion early, allowing for proactive maintenance and reducing the risk of catastrophic failures. This ensures a reliable water supply and enhances the safety and longevity of the infrastructure.

Explore how Aganova’s specialized solutions in NRW and Pipe Condition Assessment can transform your water management strategies and promote sustainable, efficient operations.


Innovative Technology

for Critical Insights

Our proprietary technology integrates intelligent devices with sophisticated AI algorithms to detect leaks and anomalies. This approach ensures detailed actionable data is delivered directly to network integrity and NRW managers, facilitating swift and effective interventions to prevent bursts and valuable water losses.


Intelligent traveling sphere to inspect Large
Diameter Pipes from the inside

Nautilus is our flagship solution for assessing large-pressure pipes in service. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors and AI-driven analysis, Nautilus provides unparalleled accuracy in leak detection and anomaly identification. Ideal for municipal and industrial applications, ensuring minimal disruption with maximum results.

The information it provides:

  • Leak position pinpointing
  • Leak severity with flowrate
  • Internal pressure profile
  • Air/gas pocket’s location
  • Actual Pipe alignment for precise repair works
  • Metal pipe joint locations


  • In-line navigation without interrupting the water service
  • Neutral buoyancy system to avoid obstacles and increase sensitivity.
  • Locates leaks with precision (<1m) ·Travels up to 35 kilometers daily
  • Compatible with all pipe materials
  • Works in very low flow rates
  • Real-time tracking


Digital AI-driven platform for inspection project management and decision making

Nemo simplifies the complexity of in-pipe inspections with its compact, agile design. Utilizing real-time data transmission and AI integration, it delivers detailed field data analysis, empowering operators to make informed maintenance decisions.


  • Project Monitoring 
  • Online remote inspection tracking
  • Data analysis and inspection reports
  • Preventive management
  • Facilitates decision-making
  • Analysis of leak evolution through recurrent inspections
  • Real-time tracking


Tethered CCTV and acoustic comprehensive
condition assessment of critical pipes

Jabega stands out as a comprehensive internal inspection system designed to maintain and enhance network integrity over time. It analyzes the condition of water networks, detecting leaks and weaknesses before they escalate. With Jabega, water utilities can proactively manage their assets, reduce non-revenue water, and extend the lifespan of their infrastructure.


  • Identification of anomalies
  • Live and recorded visualization
  • Tracking from the exterior
  • Easy maneuverability using the flow
  • For large-diameter in-service pipes
  • Uninterrupted supply

are you ready?

How to Work With


At Aganova, we provide flexible contracting options to cater to the diverse needs of our clients. Our aim is to ensure that our advanced leak detection and pipe condition assessment technologies are easily accessible and effectively implemented, delivering maximum value and efficiency.

Direct Services and Rental + Training (TSA)

Direct Services:

Our expert team performs the inspections using our state-of-the-art technology.

Equipment Rental and
Training Programs:

Clients can rent our advanced equipment for their own use and receive comprehensive training through our Technical Service Agreement (TSA), which ensures clients are fully equipped to operate our technology efficiently.

Regional Partners Network

Local Support:

We have a robust network of regional partners trained and equipped to provide Aganova’s high-quality services.

Partnership Opportunities:

Become a regional partner and join us in delivering top-notch pipe inspection solutions locally.

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Latest News & Insights

Stay informed with the latest updates from Aganova. Discover how our technology is making a revolution in the industry and learn about our ongoing initiatives to drive global change in water management.

Aganova participated in Singapore International Water Week 2024 (SIWW)

Aganova participated in the Singapore International Water Week 2024 this week, a premier global platform for water industry leaders, innovators, and experts. This prestigious event provided an excellent opportunity for Aganova to showcase its cutting-edge leak detection technologies and introduce its new corporate identity, all while aiming to expand into the Asian market.

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